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Kobariški stol Video !

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Kobariški stol Video !

Postby Mguler24 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:46

This video is taken at Kobariski Stol 1380 m above the see level best flying area in sLOVEnia and one of the best in Europe.This is my Personal best far now l was training my self on my last Slovenian days. Actually it was great day Cb were everywhere at the beginning it was over developed than it was predicted. When l took of it rained a little bit like a showering and l was disappointed because 3 hours driving to be there is not easy but luck was with us...
when l go higher and forward , l had feeling that l will do +100 km till the fist jump l passed one cb by without speed system (damaged last landing) but l repaired on the air. During the jump when l was drinking water I dropped to the ground :) we flu till the end of the reach on the end there was big big clouds not possiable to pass jump is about over then 10 km you have to be high and if you want to be high l have to fly in the clouds bla bla bla...
When we return back to the east after takeoff we turn to the North to fly behind reach and it was succesfull after l reach to the mountain l had some problem frontal,asimetric ,, there l was flying big planors and deltawings .
l had keep going forward then l was so lower but again l got some high and that was the time when the big clouds got me in 400 m :) but l new it l could go out of the clouds but ,, but when you fly inside the Clouds you dont see anything and if you dont see you can have some problem but l had also extra compass with me you after l was keep going between 1000-2000 meters after 4 hours l was going to the official landing because it was tired full when l came on the landing l had still 1000 m of altitude and l tried everything spiral,wing over , ears to go down but only spiral was working against 5 m/s thermiks :) then l realized the hardest part is landing in such a condition and in the end everything went well Big Thanks going to my President and friendly guide (Branko) :) l hope you will enjoy watching and reading
l would be so so happy if you support me on YouTube to improve my channel
l wish you safety fly any stone never touch your food :)

Regards Muha..
Flying bird in sLOVEnia :)
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Re: Kobariški stol Video !

Postby Thomy » Mon Jun 20, 2016 17:56

Loved the video, hated the audio ;-)

Tom Pavlič
DJP Kovk Ajdovščina
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Re: Kobariški stol Video !

Postby Mguler24 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 20:34

Thank you Dear Tom sorry for the music l dont have to much opsion because of copyright :)
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Re: Kobariški stol Video !

Postby bortega » Mon Jun 20, 2016 22:59

use vimeo
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