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Poglej nove vpise na foumu za zadnji dan ali zadnjih 7 dni.

Nove napovedi...

Vremenske razmere za letenje, ...

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Nove napovedi...

Postby pidalc » Thu May 01, 2014 9:29

Od danes so na voljo novi produkti:
Tale filmček moraš videti: Devil's Boys on the Flying Sheets
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Re: Nove napovedi...

Postby Miha_C » Sun May 04, 2014 22:57

Pogrešam veter po višinah...
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Re: Nove napovedi...

Postby finch » Mon May 05, 2014 10:36

Vse imaš. Klikni na "JADRALCI" in naprej na želeno območje.
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Re: Nove napovedi...

Postby M__ » Mon May 05, 2014 11:56

Fajn so nardil.
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Re: Nove napovedi...

Postby igorer » Sat Jun 14, 2014 18:02

Submitted by Mr. Luca,Aucello - Event Organiser
Adddress: Via Argonne, 135 Prato, Italy
Phone number: +39 327 6728909
Object: New Specific Weather for Paragliding
Message: Hello
This is Luca Aucello from Italy.

The website is: WWW.METEOVOLO.IT
I made a new weather forecast system for paragliding with specific parameter.
In three simple colors, time zone set automatically on your computer it can cover most part of the Word countryes.

The website take a very big succes in Europe thanks to its semplicity, leanguage traslation available in Italian, English and German and high resolution power.
It's completely Free, just a simple and automatic subscription required with gmail or facebook.


In attachment some example.
I ask you if you want more information and if you can help me with an article on your website to show it in to the Australia.

This website was choose from the most part of European association as the "The Website to look befor to fly" thanks to the special parameters.

Fly in peace
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