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Apco nagrajuje za svetovni rekord

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 14:37
by Iv@nl
To sem danes prejel iz Apcota:


Yes, indeed big time.

APCO announces a new intiative, sponsoring a campaign to conquer the Paragliding World Record - open distance or declared goal (free flight) - to be made on a standard APCO certified product from the current range.

An unheard of prize of US $25,000 in cash, will be paid to the pilot breaking the world record . The record/s must be FAI approved, fully documented and followed by a well written story and collection of nice, print quality photos featuring APCO products used for the new record.

APCO will also pay handsomely for a good story with attractive photos telling of the attempt to break World Record on an APCO current wing - even if it was unsuccessful and just ended up with remarkable flights -publishable in paragliding magazines.

For pilots needing to obtain an APCO wing to make an attempt to break the World Record - a special price will be offered (so if you fancy a Lambada we can help, it is a perfect tool to break the record)

I believe that now is the right time for this initiative.
Previously, World Records have been made on specially built prototypes or comp. wings which are not manageable by a regular guy and does nothing to promote paragliding.
The real race should be for stock - standard wings to break World Records. We intend to prove that this is achievable. So the pilot on the hill flying APCO's wing knows that this is the wing which broke the World Record and he can do the same.

Details and pilot contract available from APCO

Eagerly waiting to grant the prize and to many phonecalls

Best regards,

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 14:58
by rgolob
Ja nagrada je zlo vabljiva, sam mislim da ne bo šel ta denar nikamor!

So rekordi že mal prevee našponani da bi jih lahko kdo z serijiskim padalom podrl :)

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